Angel Minaro – The Bridal Spa Boutique Products

Bridal spa boutique bride pictureWelcome to Angel Minaro – The Bridal Spa Boutique

Angel Minaro – The Bridal Spa Boutique is all about pampering the bride and groom, their wedding party and their special guests. We create exquisite spa and skincare products using exotic natural ingredients that nurture, nourish and pamper the body and mind, creating the ultimate spa experience during this very special time during the honeymoon and beyond.

Preparing for your wedding; one of the happiest days of your life can be a very stressful and draining time and can take its toll both physically and mentally.

Especially for the bride, we understand the need for her to be pampered both physically and mentally to transition her to a place of tranquility and get her to feel beautiful and special. In addition, being and feeling beautiful on the outside will radiate the bridal glow from within due to a boost in confidence.

Our belief is that a bride (and groom of course), should look and feel her very best on her wedding day.

Our products are also used to pamper the rest of bridal party by giving them as exquisite gifts, using them to host exotic and luxurious bachelorette spa parties and bridal showers, and by giving them as special gifts to the wedding guests as wedding favors.

Our new website is being constructed and will be ready soon. In the meantime, you can get updates form our blog by clicking here!

This blog is dedicated to featuring our products, giveaways, new releases and all product related items. Our more traditional blog which covers a wide range of topics can be found here!

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