Angel Minaro Body Oils – Brahmi Rose and African kiss!

angel minaro bridal shelf talker_body oils for honeymoon

Brahmi Rose Body Oil: This exquisite body oil is rich in skin loving oils which nourish and condition the skin. Brahmi oil is known to regenerate the skin and olive oil hydrates the skin while rosehip extract rich in nutrients and antioxidants helps to the combat the signs of aging.

African Kiss Body Oil: This exquisite body oil is made from a blend of the most nutritious African oils that have been used for thousands of years in their beauty rituals, a blend of natural extracts that nourish and condition the skin and sunflower oil which is known to moisturize, regenerate and condition the skin. Indulge in this African kiss as it moisturizes and imparts a silkiness that will get your cells tingling.

These are available in  8 Oz sized bottles, and will be available soon in mini sizes which will be convenient to take away with you on your honeymoon! They are also great as gifts for your bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Our online Bridal Spa Boutique will  be live soon. To be informed when we go live, for discounts and product previews, you can sign up for our newsletter here.


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